How traders can use new leverage regulation to their advantage

Chasing Returns welcomes the new ESMA regulation on leverage for retail traders. The ability to take large positions with small account balances increases the probability of an average retail trader’s account being wiped out, before the trader has had enough trading experience to learn even the basics of trading.

We advocate a different journey for retail traders. One that encourages a trader thinking about long term survival from their very first trade. At Chasing Returns, we want traders to be focused on sustained profitability which means all traders should be able to execute hundreds of trades with small account balances.

With PlayMaker, we grade your trading on a daily basis by providing a discipline score. Crucially, our score is completely independent of your daily P&L. If you have a profitable day, but achieved it with bad behaviour, you will get a low discipline score. Similarly, if you had a losing day, but stuck to your rules you will get 100% discipline score.

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This strategy of focusing on your execution and not your P&L is the key to building good habits in trading. With PlayMaker, you can compare your results on good discipline days versus weak discipline days. The self-awareness alone will help you stay in control. In studies, traders who are 100% disciplined were 4 times more likely to have winning days compared to undisciplined traders. 

What’s in it for Chasing Returns?

We want to prove that PlayMaker makes traders better. To do that, we need thousands of traders to use the platform. We are offering it free to MT4 traders only until end Dec 2018.

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In return we ask 3 things:

  1. You make a commitment to yourself to aim for 100% discipline every trading day
  2. You allow us to use your data anonymously to measure performance
  3. We ask you to answer a monthly survey about your trading and how to improve the tool

All published data will be available on our website.


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We are taking part in Cohort 4 of the FCA’s regulatory Sandbox from 1 July 2018 to 31st Dec 2018. The regulatory sandbox allows firms to test innovative offerings in a live environment. We may use your performance information as part of this initiative. for more information please visit the FCA website:

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