New Year, Improved You

Happy 2019 to everyone. We at Chasing Returns are excited for the coming year, and we’re also excited about the New Years Resolutions we’ve made. Instead of “New Year, New Year“, we think 2019 is the year of Being Better.

We are striving to be the best us we can be, in everything we do. We want you all to join us.


We believe that in trading, you can channel success through changing your habits, starting from the ground up, and that trading discipline is paramount to good trading foundations. This allows for long lasting and sustainable success, and not just quick, random wins.

Resolutions are most effective when you divide your goals into bite sized, manageable chunks. To build your discipline, we believe you should first get a control of:

1. Your account balance

2. The size and disposition of your trades

3. Your losing streaks

Watch this video to learn more:

Marise Gaughan