We have created a starter park on teaching risk.

Watch our 6-part video series on common trading mistakes, and how to combat them.

Setting a Daily Loss Limit

  • Setting a daily loss limit

  • When to adjust your daily loss limit

  • Learning when to stop trading each day


Limiting a Losing Steak

  • The emotions behind losing
  • How to handle losses
  • When to stop trading for the day

Limiting the Number of Open Trades

  • How many open trades to have
  • How to treat correlating and contrasting positions
  • What to avoid in low volatility situations 

Setting Win/Loss Guardrails 

  • How to protect your capital
  • Why you should target winners and losers differently
  • Your ideal win/loss ratio

Setting a Safe Position Size

  • Selecting the loss level

  • Selecting the exit level

  • Calculating the position size 

Reviewing Daily Discipline 

  • The benefits to reviewing your trading discipline daily