Our Guardrails video series is a practical introduction to risk management and getting the very best from PlayMaker.


    What you will learn

    • Why the best traders use guardrails
    • How to set simple practical daily guardrails
    • How to personalize guardrails for your trading style
    • How PlayMaker keeps you on track in real time



    malte 2.jpg

    Malte Kaub is a capital markets guru and a successful trader. His insights from over 10 years of deep experience have accelerated learning for many traders.

    Paul Wallace is a professional trader and mentor. He brings the rigours of his RAF training to his trading philosophy to help teach good trading discipline.

    (1/3) Daily guardrails

    • Managing your trading capital day by day

    • The importance of dynamic boundaries


    (2/3) Trade guardrails

    • Managing your risk trade by trade

    • Key metrics for profitability - risk reward and win rate


    (3/3) PlayMaker demo

    • Getting started with PlayMaker - your personal risk manager

    • Personalizing guardrails and trading live with PlayMaker