Trades per day

When does trading become over-trading?

Some trading days are easy, but we all have days where we just have to grind it out.

Our studies show that the frequency of trades taken in a day can really impact your returns.


If you have days where you take a lot of trades, make sure you understand if you are having a positive or negative impact on your trading.

Emotional states change as we trade more. Some people carry a lot of emotional baggage into their afternoon trades. If you measure and see this habit in your trades, you can take steps to rectify it.

Many professional traders go to the gym at lunchtime. They return to the afternoon session as if it is a brand new trading session, leaving the highs and lows of the morning behind.

Here are some other reasons why too many trades per day might be causing problems;

  • The longer you are exposed to the markets, the more tired you get, leading to lapses in concentration.
  • A good morning session might make you complacent in the afternoon.
  • A bad morning session might make you take bigger risks in the afternoon.
  • You may be trading markets that might not suit you -- possibly you live in London and don't know the US markets as well.

Know your metrics. What you can measure you can manage. 

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